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Our mission is to grow this fund so that when financial support is needed by a member of the Food & Beverage industry who has incurred a crisis, there will be money to help. 

Each month, we donate a portion of the QuenchTime revenue to the Restaurant Relief Fund. Planning is underway to add additional fundraising efforts throughout the year, as well as sponsorships from local and national companies who work with restaurants. 

Here are the contributions we've made, so far, to GoFundMe efforts for F & B industry professionals who needed help.

April 2021 - GoFundMe for Scott Davis, Manager, Tequesta Brewing Co.  (Accident - Help with medical bills) GoFundMe Page Here

April 2021 - GoFundMe for Marcelo Rossano, Owner, Rossano's Pizza (Drunk driver demolished Rossano's food truck)  GoFundMe Page Here

September 2021 - GoFundMe to help John & Lori Biederwolf, owners of This Is It Cafe, WPB, who's restaurant was badly damaged by an electrical fire in the kitchen. Their insurance company is not making it easy for them and they've been closed with no revenue for more than 8 weeks.  GoFundMe Page Here

November 2021 - GoFundMe for Kevin Hammond, a bartender / manager at Majestic Ash in Northwood, WPB who was jumped and beaten by 5 men who stole his wallet, his tip money and his phone. He was rushed to the hospital, and, like many In The Biz, has no medical insurance. GoFundMe Page Here

While these relatively small contributions are a start, the big picture is to grow the Relief Fund to the point where it can truly make an impact in times of crisis.

May 2021 - We are currently in the process of obtaining our 501c3 non-profit status.

Until then, a dedicated bank account has been set up, to which we are donating a portion of the QuenchTime revenue each month.  

Local restaurant owners and industry professionals will be invited to sit on the Advisory Board of the QuenchTime Restaurant Relief Fund. 


If you'd like to get involved, we'd love to talk to you. 

Please email cheers@quenchtime.com

Restaurant Chef